Our purpose is to reimagine rural life
in a regenerative world

Regenerative Property Developer

Live in community, in harmony with the land.

Introducing a unique residential development in Byron Hinterland, set to become one of the world's first fully integrated, self-sufficient and charitable villages.

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Our sustainable model

Circular Economy

Imagine a modern ecovillage lifestyle where all your basic needs – food, water, energy - are met affordably through the  production of solar and biogas power, growing organic food and recycling waste into fertiliser.

EcoVillage Features

“ A great product isn't just a collection of features. it's how it all works together. “ Tim Cook


Charitable Village Model

At the heart of our strategy, we recognise that creating communities is not just about the physical asset being built in harmony with nature but about meeting the needs of the people that will live, work, learn and visit.

We’re committed on giving back more than we take from the world 

Grounded project