Not just a place to live – a place to be. 

Live in community, in harmony with the land.

Introducing a unique residential development in Byron Hinterland, set to become one of the world's first fully integrated, self-sufficient and charitable villages.

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Our sustainable model

Circular Economy

Imagine a modern ecovillage lifestyle where all your basic needs – food, water, energy - are met affordably through the  production of solar and biogas power, growing organic food and recycling waste into fertiliser.

EcoVillage Features

“ A great product isn't just a collection of features. it's how it all works together. “ Tim Cook


Eco Village Masterplan

Byron Hinterland

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100% Charitable Village Model

We will build sustainable infrastructures, lease our spaces and empower skillful professionals to be part of our eco village.

We are committed to give 100% of our profit back into our own foundation to support local projects, causes and seed new businesses with the same model.

Grounded project